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help ID a rescued sundew please and thank you with pic

I saw this at a local nursery under a table in the dark.

Is this a cape sundew?



help pro favor, gracias.
Yup. Looks like D.capensis var. alba.
I think this is just normal D. capensis, not var. alba. The tentacle tips are still red/pink, while they should be clear or white in var. alba. The plant is probably just lacking coloration from severe light deprivation.
I do see some very light pink on the plant, it just didn't show due to my crappy photography skill. Should've noted that. Thanks guys!!!

Can I assume regardless of wether its a alba or normal capensis, the care requirement are the same?
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Either way, your identification is correct. Expect it to grow like a weed, I've seen them sprout plantlets out of the bottom of the pot!
Could be a normal capensis, just grown under very poor lighting. The new leaves should reveal what form it really is.
oh, i plan to put it outside under neath a rack of my other cp plants...... usda zone 9b here.

it'll rest on a windowsill for a week before i put it out.
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