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Hello from Portland, Oregon

I recently went to a carnivorous plant meetup I had caught wind of and had an excellent time. Everyone was extremely friendly, fun, and informative. There were also a lot of nepenthes being given out and I grabbed a couple as well as being given a drosera and that is why I am on here. First, I want to thank everyone for your kindness and generosity.


So I got the plants, I didn't have distilled water so I used tap water on the drosera until I got to the store (two days later) to get distilled water. Right now the plant is looking not so good to me and I want to know what I can and should be doing to ensure its survival. It seemed to look more full and extended before I got it and now seems a bit wilted/shriveled. I believe there are actually two drosera in the little pot as well and would like to have that confirmed? Let me know what other info or photos you need from me.

Thank you so much!
Hello, I'm not sure who you are but I went to the meetup too so I'm certain we met. I'm the guy that had the huge Nepenthes truncata.
Distilled water is fine for a day or two, so no worries in that regard. Just give the plant a little time to acclimate to it's new growing conditions. Sundews can lose their dew when moved about. There are two drosera in the pot. The tall one is Drosera scorpiodes, and I'm not sure what the second one is. If you're really concerned about the plant I would put a ziplock bag over it to increase humidity. You can slowly cut the corners of the bag to allow more airflow and eventually take the bag off.
I've never acclimated D. scorpiodes from one growing condition to another, I've only started it from gemmae on my window so the plants were basically born in the environment they grew in. I'm sure someone with a bit more experience growing pygmy sundews could give you better advice.
Ah yes, we did, but unfortunately I forgot about a prior engagement I had committed myself and when it was brought to my intention I left the bar immediately.

So you say distilled water not what I want to use? The instructions http://www.growcarnivorousplants.com/Articles.asp?ID=262 there say to use mineral free water. Does mineral free != distilled?
Welcome to TF! It was nice having you at our get-together last week.

Yes, you will want distilled/deionized water. If you have a source of water low in dissolved solids from another source that will work as well. Sometimes tap water is o.k. but mostly you don't want to use it regularly. If you are concerned about what you have used you can flush the pot with distilled water to remove any remaining residue. I agree with D_muscipula that your sundews may want more humidity.

I recommend that you look here for growing instructions: http://www.carnivorousplants.org/howto/ In the links in the upper left of the page you will find 'Species Specific Guides'. On the page you link to you may want to read the sections on 'Nepenthes' and 'Subtropical Drosera' as well anything else that looks relevant to your growing situation. When starting out you will find all of sorts of useful info from the first page on. If you have any more particular questions feel free to ask.

'Hope this helps and that you enjoy your new carnivores.
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Ok, got it bagged, already using distilled water, but I suppose a draining/rinsing it with distilled may not be a bad idea in case that is the culprit. After reading a bit on that site it brought to my attention the heater very near the window sill I had them sitting on. Not sure if that is the cause, but if any area of the house were prone to constant temp changes that would probably be it. I moved them to another sill on the same wall so hopefully that will rule that out as an issue. I immediately put a plastic bag over it to raise the humidity around the plant earlier and it now has a bit of condensation built up. When will I know when/if it is too much and I need to clip the edges to allow air flow?
If your plants receive any direct sunlight, and the sundews at least would appreciate some, you will definitely want to have some openings in the bags as they will quickly overheat in the full sun and die. You don't need a whole lot of humidity around them but maybe more than is directly around them on their window sill. I realize this is kind of vague but enough to make the plants happy but not so enclosed as to overheat them is a bit of a balancing act. 'Better to err towards too open than too closed.
Ok, in the morning I"ll clip a bit off the corners of the bag before the sun hits them then. Thank you!
Welcome to TF!
OK, guys I've checked on the plant way too many times today, but it looked so much healthier this morning so I think they might be alright! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Now to find the appropriate board to post high resolution macro photos...
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I have one and I have zero desire to use it, thank you though.
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Welcome to tfs :)
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When I used to grow scorpiodes, I simply left the plant outside in full sun, where it seemed to do very well. I think the issue may have been the heater, which you already seemed to have diagnosed.

I'm not sure who this is, but it was nice to meet you during the last meeting. Hopefully we'll see you next month!

- Mat
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Unfortunately being on the 16th floor I don't have an outdoor option, but I bet it'd catch a lot more bugs out there if the wind didn't destroy it. I have considered making a little holder for it to sit outside, but that is in violation of my lease agreement. I hopefully can make it to the next meeting! When will it be?

Here is my post with photos btw. http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php/135463-Took-some-photos-of-my-Drosera

I know I need to post my photos to flikr for exposure, but I just don't care for the community or interface. Also, I think laziness is the biggest factor. I have so many photos that I'd have to post that it'd be a two or three day job or maybe more.
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I'm not sure I'll be able to make it very often or at the least for very long as most Saturdays I have tabletop night at a buddy's place in Beaverton. :(