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Sep 23, 2007
Hello all!

My first post on this forum!

Well live in Auckland NZ, but originally from Christchurch. Been growing CP's now since the late 80's, was a member of the NZCPS but my membership lagged quite some time ago :blush:

I mainly grow Sarracenia, all out doors, I do have a couple of Neps in the green house, and a flytrap on the window sill inside and the usual random self seedings of Drosera.

Current project is a couple of new planters using old a couple of old wine barrels to go in out newly landscaped garden as points of interest (oh and to keep the bug population down!). Challenge on this one is what to use for ground cover to stop the weeds.

Also grow a few other things, mainly Frangipanis (Plumeria rubra) which I imported seed from Hawaii, all still too small to flower as of yet though...
Aug 25, 2007
San Diego, CA USA
Heya Pete! Welcome to TF. Sounds like you already know what you're doing. As for the ground cover to stop the weeds, would LFS work? Would the acidity prohibit some weeds? If not I know bark would stop weeds, but it's not very sightly. Oh and as to the Plumerias, those are awesome plants. My family has like 50 plants in their backyard. They are also VERY easy to propagate as well. You can just cut off a piece and plop it into some soil without even so much as rooting hormone. I would of course still use it tho. Around here those plants actually go for like 40-75$ for a 1-2 foot stalk. Pretty pricey in my opinion considering how fast they grow and how easily they propagate.


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Aug 26, 2006
Zone 8
Hey Pete. Welcome aboard!