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Heliamphora minor question?

Hi guys,

I feel ridiculous asking this question because most of you know I grow a lot of heliamphoras
But for some reason I have always had a bit of a problem with minor which I don't understand why?
It's been a while since I've tried it.. But I just got one from ebay and I'm going to give more last shot.

My new grow temps are 80f day time sometimes 75f
Night time is around 55d. To 60d

humidity is always good I use both mistaking and foggers.

Any advice and photos of your plants would be awesome!

Thanks a butch guys

Much love,

I grow many species of Heliamphora as well and I find H.minor to be the most challenging. It will grow well for a while and then just grump out on me for no apparent reason. I keep them all in the same conditions......same light, humidity and temps....can't figure out what it's lacking.
Oh great lol you that's the same thing for me too! I don't get it.. Then you see some people grow them on window sills and everything.. They seem to go down hill and rot... Ugh it sucks I really like minor :-/
You meant an heli minor var minor ?

Its not ridiculous my friend. Not at all.

Many growers here will post their own growing conditions. I will tell you whats works the best for me, in my setup.

I keep the plants at very high RH%, About 85%.

Temps days/nights are 24C/10C. But if you keep the roots temperature under 20C, no need for a temp night drop.

I push a little air flow in the setup. And i feed my helis once a week.

That way you should keep your minor on the healthy way, like this:


Hope this help.

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Maiden I am so happy you posted here! Thank you so much. Could I ask if you have any pics of your heliamphora setup? Because I want to do what you do if you don't mind :) also how do you push airflow into your set up? What are do you feed them?

What soil do you use for your minors?
My setup is very simple. I have 4 trays like that. Growing my helis in propagation domes allow me to down the T5s very close to the plants with almost no heat, because the light is outside the tank. And thats why i like only small helis species. (Here the lids where removed for the pictures.)

Various heliamphora par dals009, sur Flickr

For the airflow, i just run a little fan outside the domes, pointed on the dome. Each dome have a tiny hole.
I feed my plants once a week, with grinded dryed blood worms.

The soil i use is 25/25/50 peat/perlite/mix of bark & coconut husk chunks.

And i never mist the plants, or very rarely.

Also i like to add lighting from both sides. This will bring a better coloration and more energy to the plants.

Various heliamphoras par dals009, sur Flickr

Hope this help a bit :)

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Maiden thank you soon much!!! I really appreciate your kindness! One more question if I can do you over head water them? Or from the bottom and how often? Also you use sun blast t5? And how many of them. Do you just put them on the top I wanted to see what the doms and lights look like while everything set up do you have a pic of that so I can get an idea? Again you are amazing thank you so much !!!
I water/drain 2-3 times a week from the top. Yes i use sunblaster products :)

I dont have pictures of my entire setup right now, probably later this spring!
Maiden thank you soon much!!! Again one more question if I can how many sun blasters do you use? And what kind? :)
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For my helis i use 1 T5HO bulb 6400k 54w on each dome very close to the plants.