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heliamphora heterodoxa x minor for shipping

I have a heli that is boxed up and ready to go. The person I was going to give it to hasn't responded to my PM's so it's going out to someone else. I'll make another division for this person if they are still interested.

Need to ship it soon so don't reply to this giveaway if you can't send shipping payment soon (PayPal) and aren't going to be available to receive the plant this week.

I will ship out tomorrow or possibly Wednesday depending on heat. This is a small division of the heirloom clone I received from Butch last year.

Only rules are:
1. You cannot already have this variety of heli
2. You must not have already received a free nepenthes or heli in the past 6 months. Dew weeds, and other CP giveaways are ok. :) I love dews so no offense intended.
3. You must have either given away something on this forum, in the auction, or if you are new and have nothing to give away yet. You must have a ThankYou Membership here on TF.
4. You must be ready to send shipping payment by the end of the week via paypal. $5.15 should cover it.

First person to reply here to meet the conditions gets the plant.
i would love it , i will paypal you the money the second you tell me
oh nm congrats Mickey!
That was quick! Congrats Mickey.
Postage sent
please refund the postage and send the plant to tje25 he wants it more than I do
Will do. Tj is the new winner.

Tj please send me your addy.
Pm sent Thanks!