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Happy Birthday Tamlin!

Not a Number

Hello, I must be going...
Staff member
Happy Birthday Tamlin! We miss your sage and upbeat posts around here and wait for the day when you can join us again.

Here's some sundew shots for you:




(To all: I'll print this thread and send it to Tamlin)
Happy Birthday, Tamlin, wherever you are!
Happy birthday Tamlin!! Although I have never met you, I have heard of your kind generosity on TF. I hope to see you back on the forums one day!!
Happy Birthday sundew master!!!! :hail:
Like Lance, I've never met you on the forums, but I would like to see some future posts from you. I could tell you contributed a lot to this forum with a lot of helpful advice... so Happy B-Day:boogie::boogie::boogie::boogie::boogie::boogie::boogie::boogie::boogie::boogie::boogie::boogie::boogie:
Happy Birthday old school.. Hope it's everything you've hoped for and more.
Happy birthday Tamlin! Wishing you the best!
Tamlin, I hope this birthday finds you well. Your expertise and generosity will long be remembered.
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I don't know you, but I do know that you manage the Carnivorous Plant Articles and Sundews threads, so happy late birthday to you! May Fortune look upon you and your plants favorably for the coming year!
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Tamlin, you old codger. I hope you are still kickin'. Us old guys seem to get a bit slower every year -- if we are lucky.
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Tamlin sends his thanks, love and respect to all who wished him a Happy Birthday.

Thanks to for those overseas who still send him a post card now and then.
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Happy birthday, William!