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Happy Birthday Not A Number

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NAN's so old he won't let us know how old he is!

Let's all try and guess.....

I bet he's actually only 15! :awesome:

Happy Birthday man! :)
Happy Birthday oh wise and powerful one....


The Mighty NaN

Happy Birthday, Warren! He's 18.... like me!
Happy Birthday, Dude. He's old, like me. We remember the Aztecs, and the original Jack-in-the-Box logo.
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Happy Birthday NaN! And thank you for al you have contributed to the forum!
happy birthday ,have a good one and thanks for your dedication :-D
hey happy birth day :) have a nice one !!
Happy Birthday Warren! Hope you have a fantastic one, and many more to follow!
Thanks folks, twas nice.
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A bit late but wishing the best, hope it was a good one.
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Happy B-lated birthday
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Happy birthday Warren! may you receive many returns!
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Warren -- Happy Birthday and break out the hard stuff . . .
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Awww I missed your bday because I was off playing explorer, but happy belated b-day :eek:)