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Happy birthday, Heli!

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Woooo someone grab a mohel :cry:, it's time to celebrate Luca's birthday!

Just getting under your skin, of course. Have a good one! :beer:
Happy Birthday to the most hyperactive, impatient, hilarious and plooterchoolooey CPer around. Have a good one buddy!
Happy Birthday kiddo!
Happy birthday buddy.. hope it's everything you hoped for and more.
Happy Birthday Luca, I hope you get some nice plants to trade away in a week! ;D
Happy b-day Luca,
By the time I was your age I.... ummm nevermind hehehe, we'll save those stories till your 21

shudders at thought of you behind wheel though....
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I remember some of those stories from the ICPS show last year haha. Something about you jumping out of a car. I am actually a pretty good driver though so I should be fine :p.

Thanks everyone!
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no, that wasn't me.... I was the one driving, it was the guy in the passenger side that bailed.....

no guts no glory :p
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haha still a great story, will you be coming to this year's necps show?
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Happy birthday to you, o Helimeister! May Fortune look favorably upon you, the Helis under your care, and whatever else you may grow this coming year!
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damn, to bad :(
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Happy Birthday old man!!!
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Happy birthday!
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Happy late birthday, luca!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAN! Don't get your finger stuck in another nep now. :p