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Happy Birthday to youuuu.
Happy Birthday to youuuuuu.
Happy Birthday to crissy
Haappyyy-y-y Birrthdaaay-y- tooo-o-o you-u-u-u-u-u-:-O
Happy Birthday Crissy!!!

(sorry for the double post, bad timing)

Happy birthday!! :-D
Happy Bday!
Happy birthday Crystal!
Happy Birthday again! You should snag yourself an ice cream cake like I did for mine!!
Happy Birthday, Crystal!
Happy birthday, Crystal.
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Happy BIRTHDAY, I'll send those Grandilugera on monday, you can have a late birthday present! :D
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Happy Birthday Crissytal!!!
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Happy birthday Crissytal! Have a great one!
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:blush: :blush: Wow!! Thanks everyone for the warm birthday wishes! I've had a wonderful day. I ate out last night at my favorite restaurant. They aren't open on Sundays so that just meant my birthday started a little early. They give large portions, so I have left overs tonight :D.

Heather, I've never been one for ice cream cake. I love ice cream, and I love cake...just not together for some reason. I did snag two pieces of chocolate toffee Kahlua cake though. I ate one piece last night and have another for tonight.

(not my photo, it's the restaurant's)

Thanks David. I'll more than likely get your seeds out tomorrow as well.

Thanks again everyone! :blush: :boogie: :glomp:

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Счастливый день рождения!
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First time I've had birthday wishes in Russian! Thanks BB!
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Happy Birthday, Crystal! May you have a great year and may your sundews prosper. Ooh - chocolate toffee Kahlua cake!
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Thanks Mark! I've eaten way too much the last two days. I wouldn't have minded a third piece of Kahlua cake though. I'm a chocoholic.