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Happy Birthday Adnedarn

Thanks for TF! I hope you have a great Birthday!
i didnt know bosses had birthdays like the rest of us! :p

hope you have a good one :hail:
Happy Birthday Andrew! Hope it's everything you hoped for and more..
Happy birthday, Andrew. We all owe you a lot.
Happy bird day :)
Happy birthday! Hope it's a good one! :)
Happy Birthday, Andrew
Happy birthday, Andy. Let's all hope you get that thing you've always wanted. :beer:
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Happy Birthday! And may it always be a good one!
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Happy birthday to you, o One Who Started it All! May Fortune look favorably upon you and your plants this coming year!
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Happy Birthday ol' mighty one

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Happy birthday! Thanks for keeping this place running well. :)
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Happy birthday Andy! wishing you the best!
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Thanks all! Nothin special today..... Work and then when I got off I built a frame for bird netting so I could actually harvest some of my tomatoes instead of the birds getting them all. I'll share but leave me some!! Haha :)
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Happy belated birthday!

This is what I get for not logging in daily. :p
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haha i feel your pain, especially when the birds/squirrels only eat a small portion of the tomato but make sure to dine on just about every single one :p
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Yes myles exactly! They never finished them they ate just enough of each to make it so I couldn't have them.
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Happy birthday!!!! Thank you for creating this forum!! New cp growers keep joining and learn how to grow carnivorous plants all beacause of this united forum. :)