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Handmade tiny glass ping pot

ive been practicing my hollow glass working skills lately. Sometimes when im making a bottle it doesnt go quite right so i flare the top out and it becomes a pot! perfect for pings :)

this is my latest:



Before any of you ask me if i make pipes, the answer is no. Never..
That is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Awesome job!
You do beads and murini as well?
That looks great!
I bet a Drosera burmanni would look good in there...
Looks sweet! Great looking plant too. I bet it takes some carefull attention to watering though...

Edit: but you can't argue with the nice results :)
yeah im always forgetting to water my other one so its a good thing i have pings in it. they can go a while between waterings.. sometimes it's bone dry by the time i remember to water it. the one in this pic is freshly transplanted. I'll get a pic of the other one tomorrow :)
Dude man, that is awesome, I hope you don't mind my hitting you up in the future for some of those when I can get back into the CP growing hobby. That is a brilliant idea for cp's.
I really like that :)
That is awesome!!
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Wow, that is amazing!
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how weird... i started this thread the same exact day as the other one about my glass
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That is weird!! I have seen your shop randomly before! I want all the flytraps and an octopus please haha
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Beautiful little pot there, Milli!
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Great glasswork, and nice ping. I love all of the colors in the pot.
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That's so cool! It looks good and it's space efficient. It's hard to go wrong with that combo.
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Great glass. Love it!
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Awesome man!! I love blowing glass/flameworking but I moved away from the studio I used to do work at so I have nowhere to make anything. Great Idea though!!
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Do you have any drainage holes in it? I am growing a few Mexican Pings at present. I have them in plastic pots. Still learning how to grow them. I do have them in a organic/mineral mix with some Calcium sulphate and Dolomitic Limestone in the mix.
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So that's how you got your avatar picture! Beautiful glassworking! :bigthumpup:
And I must add, a Venus flytrap wouldn't look too bad in there either.