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Guppies, Anyone?


Formerly known as Pineapple
Albino red lace snakeskin delta guppies...





The 5.5 gallon they're in...


I also have a 29 gallon which is overgrown, but I have 2 female and 3 male endler-guppies in there, along with a ton of fry.

Any other guppy enthusiasts? :-D

... :crazy:
My brother has an aquarium at home with some endlers which he got a few months ago. I'll take some pictures when I go back for spring break. They bred and so there are fry too.
I keep a lot of lytretail guppies (may be some endlers blood in them too). Very hardy strain.......don't seem to need filters or heaters. My daughter has them mutlitplying for a couple years in a 1 gallon tank in her bedroom. I have an unheated and unfiltered 10 gallon at work and a 29 at home full of them.
I really like those albino snakeskins!!
Love guppies.... and mollies... and platties... and swordtails.... and...
Please pardon the algae. I have a ton of green hair algae that is killing my Aldrovanda. They are Endlers.

Goodeids? About to get some of those...
you ever tried to grow utricularia in their... that would be cool... even cooler Aldrovanda!
I have a small 5L fighter fish tank with a fighter fish and some U.Aurea and gibba, but in my ponds (U.Aurea, Stellaris, Australis and gibba) I have guppies, sword tails, gudgeon, rainbow fish (Au), tandams, yabbies, a couple small eel and gold fish, but these are 250-350L ponds (I think that's about 80-85 U.S Gallon).
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you ever tried to grow utricularia in their... that would be cool... even cooler Aldrovanda!

I am growing Aldrovanda in there. And for a few months Utricularia macrorhiza, until there was too much algae for it.