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Good Beginners Nepenthes

I'm looking to growing one on a West windowsill. its a large windowsill so a large plant will be perfect.
I'm wondering which Nepenthes species would do well in New Jersey climate? what is a good beginner's Nepenthes species which is super hardy?
When I start shopping for a good plant, i do not know what species to look for.
please help!
Can't go wrong with Nepenthes ventrata. Practically impossible to kill. I have also had success with my N. wrigleyana, thought that may be harder to find. N. 'Miranda' is another good option if the window is warm.
Some good choices to start with that are also fairly cheap and easy to find would be maxima, most maxima hybrids, x ventrata, ventricosa and x miranda.
those sound really cool, thanks for the suggestions! I'm guessing they can be grown in 100% peat moss and do not need fertilizing except in the beginning when pitcherless, and later a few bugs in the pitchers every once in a while, right?
They need to be in moist peat moss from what i gather so i need to water frequently.
Nepenthes do not like peat moss in my experience, let alone 100%. Try Long-Fibered Sphagnum Moss, it's available at any Lowes or Home Depot. Either 100% or throw some perlite in the mix to break it up. For these easy Nepenthes, put them in a big pot with a saucer, and maybe some gravel on top of the media to slow evaporation. Water once a week or so to fill the saucer and you should be ok with the easier plants.
N. ventricosa is about as easy to grow as ventrata or miranda, but IMO, it is more beautiful and satisfying to grow as well. Can't go wrong...
o right, sorry i did meant to say sphagnum moss, not it's processed equivalent , peat.
i'll try sphangnum with perlite mix.

ventricosa looks reallly nice!

any good sources for ventricosa around here? where did you guys get yours?
I bet Andy has some in stock!
who is this Andy you speak of? :grin:
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N. alata is also a good starter, but also a fairly large plant and very vigorous.
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do pitcher plants smell bad by any chance? it would make sense if their pitchers had some sort of distinctive odor? but i hope not...
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They don't usually smell but you sure don't want to dump the fluid from a well fed pitcher on yourself. That can get to stinking.
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right i would never want to do that haha!
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Nepenthes sanguinea is also a very easy specie.
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They don't usually smell but you sure don't want to dump the fluid from a well fed pitcher on yourself. That can get to stinking.

Yep, definitely don't want to do this. I have a N. rafflesiana pitcher with a hole in the side, and it hangs at just the right level on the side of the greenhouse....... smelly pitcher fluid running down your neck is not pleasant..... :)
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pretty much settled with ventricosa. i might buy a red one from flytraps if he still has some when i get enough money to make the purchase.
you say sphagnum can be found in Home Depot?

should it be lightly fertilized once a month in spring-fall, if it is pitcherless?