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I am trying to clean up my collection after a couple of years of neglect and I have too many plants so I am giving away some stuff for the most part. I have about 15 large divisions of S. flava (common form) and 11 of S. leucophylla. The thing with the S. leucophylla is that they may be either Tarnak or Titan. I had 2 large pots and neither still had a label. So they may have been one of each or 2 of one or the other. I am not sure. I guess you will find out when they flower. lol These are about the size of most of the divisions. Most have 3 or 4 growing points. A couple are smaller -- whoever claims them first gets the largest ones. I will clean them up more before I send them out. As you can see I need to get these divisions on their way soon. It has been a very warm winter here in Palm Bay, FL and they are starting to grow and flower.


I also have large quantities of 2 different kinds of forked sundews -- D. binata dichotoma (Giant Staghorn) and D. dichotoma (green). These are what they were sold to me as some years ago -- so if the nomenclature is incorrect, it's not entirely my fault. Here is a picture of them:


The redder ones on the left are the D. binata dichotoma (Giant Staghorn) and the ones to the right are the D. dichotoma (green). The D. dichotoma (green) are much more green than the other one. And yes I know there is a freaking fern in one of the pots. Cursed things they are! Oh I used to think they looked kind of cool side by side with the cps. But they are selfish brutes those ferns! They will take over the entire pot and crowd everything else OUT! I found that out the hard way.

The root cuttings are about the size shown below. I have about twice or three times as many the D. binata dichotoma (Giant Staghorn) than the other one. But I have quite a few of both. I haven't counted them so I will just send 6 or so to each person who requests on a first come first serve basis.


So this is how I will work it. If you want anything, you can let me know in a PM. It costs $5.80 to send a small flat rate box by priority mail. If you want divisions I will have to send it that way. So you can send that amount to my Paypal account. If you only want the root cuttings from the forked sundews, you can try a SASE -- but I can't guarantee they will make it to you unharmed. The post office uses a lot of automatic sorters and they are ruthless on envelopes with anything lumpy in them. We can try though. I suppose I can put them in a damp paper towel inside a plastic bag and then fold some toilet paper around that or something. That might work.

Now I am giving this stuff away for the most part but....if anyone wants to trade for something I wouldn't mind some D. filiformis seed. It has to be from plants that originated in or close to Florida though. I have tried growing some from places further north and they do not survive the winter here. I think it is too hot in the winter or something. The hibernating buds just rot and die. I was growing some from the panhandle but a squirrel decided to use that pot to hide some acorns in this past season and tore up all the hibernating buds and I do not think they are going to make it. I also wouldn't mind a division of S. purpurea -- again preferably something that originated way on down South. I had one years ago but it didn't seem to like the lack of cool temps in winter. It came from New Jersey so....

BUT trades aren't necessary. I am more interested in finding homes for my extras. Even though I have been rather neglectful of my collection as of late, they still hold a very special place in my heart. I simply cannot bring myself to just throw away viable cp materials as I might with other types of plants.

So let me know what you want. I will try to get everything out on the following Mondays or Tuesdays after arrangements are made.
Pm'ed!!+a smily for originality. :lol:
Pardon me. Thanks a million!
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I am glad you folks are responding but there is one thing. Apparently I didn't read the fee instructions page for Paypal too well. There is a total fee of $0.47 for the transaction so....I guess the total for the postage on priority mail will be $6.07. I'm sorry. I did find out that if you do the postage online it is only $5.60 so...that's good right?
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Okay I am a real stooge. I decided to break down and use algebra and with the postage and Paypal fees it will be $6.08. Sorry.
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Biozest I got a message that you cannot receive anymore PM's until you clear some space in your PM account. You may want to check into that.
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If you send money on paypal as a "gift" it usually waives the fees.
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Don't know if it is still the same way, but if you send the money as a gift from Pay pal it is free.

Regards :bigthumpup:
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Well if that is true then when you send your postage, send it as a gift to me. It is $5.60 for priority mail -- small flat rate box if I do it online. It's just that the first person who sent postage, Paypal took $0.47 of it. Which can add up for dozens of packages.

So pay attention everyone. If you need to send postage to some one, send it as a "gift".
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I tried to reply to your last PM and it says that your box is full.
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Okay -- postage through Paypal. When you click on send money, just below the dollar amount there are 2 tabs. One for Purchases and one for Personal. If you leave it one Purchases, it charges a fee. But if you choose the Personal tab, there is an option for Gift. And according to East_to_west, there is no fees if you do that way. Some one just paid that way and low and behold it is true! There was no fee! Yeah!:banana2:

So do the gift thing and save yourself 47 cents. :boogie: