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N. talangensis x veitchii BE
Pinguicula x Titan
D. omissa
D. scorpiodes ‘white flower’

You must pay shipping (it will be $11 for a medium flat rate box) through paypal. To enter, simply pick a number between 1 and 100. On Friday I will declare the winner, PM that person, and will plan to ship out next Monday. If for some reason, the winner decides to back out, then I will contact the person with the next closest number.
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***Edit*** Jumped the gun! I got so excited by the incredible giveaway. Hoping to get my hands on the talangensis X veitchii. My number, as usual, is 29.
I'm going 42!!! Thanks for the awesome offer!
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I'll go 88. Thanks so much for the offer!! Looks like a great giveaway. :-D
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Sorry, for some reason it got posted before I was done typing it. Please look above for the rules. Thanks :)
if you have any dorsera or pings left atall thatd be awesome :O
if not thanks anyway!
oh you made rules to it :D glad i came back to check
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Great giveaway! 56 please! :)

I really only want the tally x veitchii, I don't like any other CPs, so if my number gets drawn for those, tell me so I kick myself, then give my prize to somebody who wants one of them. :)
Oh, I should have specified--they're all for one person. So if you win, you get everything. But I guess if the person who wins doesn't want everything, then I will pick a runner up to get the others.
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11. Thanks for the chance to win such awesome plants.
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Thank you!Iam in, lucky 11 please
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Lucky 91!
Thanks for this great offer!
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33, Thank you.
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Thanks for such a great offer. Im game. Lets try number 17
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um um um i pick 72! good luck hope you get lots of entries :)
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13 please. Thanks for the opportunity!