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Giant Australian stick bug

Here's some pics of a Giant Prickly Stick Insect, Extatosoma tiaratum. I think it's a female. She is not mine, she's on loan from somebody. I think she looks like something you would see in Mad Max or some post apocalyptic movie :D





Higher resolution versions can be found on my flickr page.

Do they lay cleistogamous eggs?
That is fruitin' cool man. I loved them in Temple of Doom palace cave scene.
just keep it away from mantids :D
I love those things! Despite their huge and fearsome appearance they're the nicest "bugs" around!

You got some excellent shots - of course! :lol:
Great photos! in the last one it looks like it's smiling :)
I think that's where they got the idea of the bug in Men in Black. :D