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My pygmy sundews are still producing gemmae in profusion, but I've planted up all the space I can spare for them. There is only one solution, it's time for a giveaway! To receive gemmae I will ask for a small shipping fee (Christmas has wiped me out for now).

I have gemmae from D. pulchella, D omissa x pulchella, and D. helodes x occidentalis. You may request a specific species but this is a first come first serve deal.

As usual, anyone with a trade will get right of dibs and shipping will be waived. Otherwise, I'll pick as many people as I can at the end of the week.

If you are selected, PM me for PayPal details and to give me your shipping address.
D. helodes x occidentalis please! I'll take any of them though, thanks
I withdraw my entry....very generous of you. Good luck everybody!
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I'd be happy to recieve any of the gemmae.
I'll take anything let me know what's left.. pmed ..
Any and all, or:) whatever ya got. Thanks!
I would be interested if there's any still available, and I'm not picky either.
I would love to try some gemmea I am also not picky thanks for the chance
LOL! Like everybody else, I'd be happy with anything.
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Throw my name into the hat also please. Whatever you have.
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I would love to have any D. pulchella, D omissa x pulchella, and D. helodes x occidentalis if you still have some.
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ok! thanks for the interest everyone. I think I will be able to send gemmae to all of you! 9 people and a few more from reddit probably will not be too many. Please send me a PM with your address if you haven't already. paypal payments for shipping can be made to s.buiebrown@gmail.com for the amount of $5.00
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I'm shipping today to everyone who has sent me an address, I'll continue to ship as they come in. I'll keep the gemmae cool but the longer they're kept the more likely they are to germinate in the bag, which will make transplanting them without damage to the taproot difficult.

please be ready to sow them on media when they arrive, I like to use a mixture a bit more heavy on sand than a standard CP mix, with a dressing of sand on the top to discourage moss. coarse sand will make it easier for the tap root to penetrate. I use a humidity cover while they're setting roots and have had good success.
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I got my gemmea today thank you. For some reason I thought they would be bigger lol.
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yeah those suckers are tiny. I'm not sure what species I shipped you, the pulchella x omissa are a bit larger than the other two species. D. Scorpioides gemmae are the largest I've ever seen and they're still only pinheads.
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Ya u sent me d. Pulchella there all planted now now is the long wait
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Geo em' in last night. Thanks a million.