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Lil Stinkpot

Lucky Greenhorn
FT: Aldrovanda, Darlingtonia, Drosophyllum, Pinguicula

I have two six inch long Aldrovanda strands (plus a couple little 1-inchers), a six inch high coastal Darlingtonia, two 2 inch Pinguicula "weser", six 1/4 inch P. "sethos" and a dozen Drosophyllum seeds available for trade.

I will trade all of these for some Utricularia inflata.

I would be happy to trade all, and negotiate more if needed, for a N. platychila, hamata, or jamban.

I'll also mix and match for:
(cuttings & leaf pullings OK, where applicable);
Sarracenia x courtii all red
S. x courtii striped
S. x courtii green

Drosera slackii
D. paradoxa red
D. hugelii
D. echinoblastus

Nepenthes ampullaria (green with red & purple spots)
N. bicalcarata

Genlisea (any)
G. aurea (I can dream)
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Hi Stinkpot!

I'd like to trade for the coastal darlingtonia. I have several genlisea starter plugs. I'll look into my S. courtiis to see if there are any divisions available. Check out my growlist to see if there's anything else of interest there. Oz
Gr8oz, you definitely have a deal. :doubletake: Just the coastal cobra? Check your PM mail in a bit.
The mountain cobra, Aldrovanda sprigs and Pinguicula are still available. I'm hoping for a G. aurea leaf; The photofinder got me handkerin' for one now. Lacking that, I'm also still looking for Utricularia inflata or whatever's on the list above. Or maybe a couple fancy flytraps. ;)