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Lots of flowers this summer! I had one female and 4-5 males flowering at the same time. The female is a N alata x maxima from Jeremiah Harris that I have had for more than 7 years (an old pic is linked on my growlist). I have at least 80 seed pods on 2 spikes; I have harvested 1 spike and the other is still ripening; I have already sowed more than I need. Starting Monday I will mail out pods to those interested. I will continue to mail as the pods ripen. Because of temps across the country I think it best for the seed if these only go out across the southeast US. I will check weather before I mail to try to prevent the seeds from spending time in freezing temps.
Just post your interest and PM me your address.

Been a busier week than I expected. I have NOT sent out any seeds, but the second spike just started to open. I will start packaging and sending to closer states tonight, more distant ones will go out Monday. I have 9 more stamps and envelopes for anyone in lower 48 who want to try some....

A pic from the first spring I had this plant - 2008!
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Can i please have some as well? Thanks so much :)
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I'm interested and thank you!
too cold here but great giveaway
Always interested in Nepenthes seeds, and I have rarely found issue with shipping seeds at this time of year....
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I would most definately be interested! Having a "heat wave" around here with temps in the 50's so shipping shouldn't be a problem. Thanks a ton!
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I am interested, always want to try fresh nep seeds. Thanks.
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I would love some nep seeds! Should do well in Florida even though everywhere else is freezing lol. Thanks a ton!:boogie:
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I am interested as well. Thanks for the offer!
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Edit: Looks to be pretty cold in Colorado in the coming week(s), I will hold off.
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Im interested. Wanna give a try weather here in California is not as cold.
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Florida checking in, love to do Nepenthes from seed.

I'd also be willing to trade something for seeds too. I've got a bunch of extra S. purpurea ssp. venosa divisions I recently made, and have my fingers crossed for some S. minor seeds I have in cold strat right now if you do Sarracena?
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I'm in. IL is gonna hit a warm streak so should be ok.
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I would love some if thats okay!
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I'd love some, too!
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Hey CP30, tried to pm you, but your inbox is full!