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Free: Minature Orchids and Ant Plants

I don't want to do this, but it's for the best. I am giving away some miniature orchids and ant plants. They aren't doing well in my conditions and I need to clear out some space.

I don't like games, so it's first come, first serve . . . if you meet these few requirements:

*Have been a member of Terraforums as long, or longer than me (My Join Date: Aug 2013).
*Have as many or more posts than me (My Posts:396).
*Have given away something this month (yes, if you post today, it counts).
*Know what these plants need to thrive, and be able to give them what they need to thrive.

Up for offer:

4 sedirea japonica
1 bulbophyllum plumatum ames

Ant Plants:
1 Hydnophytum Sp.
3 Myrmecodia Sp. (From Iran Jaya)
1 Lecanopteris sinuosa

When requesting, please remember that these plants look a little rough, but they should make a quick recovery if given proper conditions. All plants are small and/or young. They will be sent bare root. All I ask is for shipping to be covered. I'd like to give them all to one person, but I'd be willing to spilt them up between two or three people if needed.

Please PM me.
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Pm sent
Plants are pending.
All plants claimed, thanks!