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Bulbophyllum odontopetalum

Hi all,

I can take a few divisions off my mother plant of this species if anyone is interested. It should do well in intermediate to highland Nep conditions and isn't a huge space eater. I'd be interested in swapping for CPs, tropical blueberries, orchids, interesting new terrarium material, ant plants, etc. I grow a little of everything as long as it fits within the parameters of my conditions. I live in south Louisiana, so anything that gets relatively big will have to be able to sustain hot, humid summers. I do have a 36x18x36 case indoors that is primarily filled with orchids but can hold some moderately-sized plants if they need cooler conditions.

With the CPs, I'm primarily looking for Sarracenia species, Nepenthes species, certain Utrics (especially those from section Orchidoides), or maybe a common Heliamphora, but I'm fairly open to other things as well. I would just prefer them to be species and not hybrids.

Thanks for looking and please don't hesitate to shoot me a message if you're interested!

Below is a picture of the plant to give you an idea of the size of individual growths.
Hey I am def interested in the bulbo cuttings. I recently got into cps but have been collecting orchids for a while. I have a lot of bulbophyllum species if you are into them but as far as carnivorous plants I have a lot of drosera and a few nepenthes. Is there anything you want specifically? Thanks

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I also have a large collection of orchids so if there's anything there you want let me know.
Are you still interested? I have not heard a PM back...