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Free Drosera capensis (typical and albino)

I have Drosera capensis plantlets for free! (Just pay shipping) They are typical and albino. They were grown from flower stem cuttings and span from 1/2 inch leaf span to a full inch leaf span.

I have 5 groups to give away and you will get 5 plantlets with a mix of typical and albino.

I will ship using Priority mail (2-3 day), it costs $5.60. I have an abundance of shipping supplies, so please just send stamps (or money order, or check). No paypal, support the USPS and help people keep their jobs!

If it is mad cold or hot where you are, do not request plants at this time.

This offer ends 6/10/14. Please post up if you want them!

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Two groups have been claimed, one via PM, the other via a visitor message (first time I got one of those).
Three more groups available! Post up here and I'll PM you.
3 claimed.
2 cape sundew groups available.
Four groups are spoken for!

Only one remains available!

Claim it! :D
I shall claim it pm me thanks :)
And all 5 groups have been claimed!
Thanks everyone.
Your messages are full, clean them out!
Anyway, I was just trying to let you know that I got the letter. I have a few more details to cover, please PM me.
Sorry about that it cleared out. Didn't realize it was full... Won't happen again. :) pm sent
If it happens again, it's all good. :p
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And it's happened again. lol
aerogrower, your box is full. But I just wanted to let you know that I have to go out of town and I will be back Wednesday. I will ship next Thursday (the 19th) and I am sorry to make you wait a week. If that's not ok, I'll send your shipping payment back.

So far, I've received 2 of the 5 envelopes (I've contacted you if your letter arrived). As for the 3 other people, I'm sure your letter will arrive by the time I return, and I will then ship out on Thursday (the 19th).

Again, sorry for the delay! I'll write everyone then and let you know the plants are on the way!
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Inbox is empty? Not sure what to do next? Sent you a pm with my email.
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No worries aerogrower, I was able to pm you. Plants are on the way! Along with 2 others.

To sum things up, I had 5 available, I've received 3 envelopes and I've sent out 3 packages today. I'm still missing 2 envelopes. Check your PMs and please get back to me so I can get you plants!

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Just received my plants from acro in perfect condition. Very interesting method of packing! Those would survive all kinds of rough handling packed like that. Thank you very much!
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Just received my plants today as well. I agree with Aerogrower. It looked flimsy on the outside, but changed my mind quick when I had to poke and prod with a knife for 5 minutes to get at the plants, lol. I doubt they even felt the ride.
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Let me know if any of these become available again.
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Glad everything arrived well! :D
I am inventive in my packing, I've shipping live animals and plants for around 15 years so I know how to pack pretty solid.
Enjoy the plants!