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FOR TRADE: D. Patens Gemmae - Cool Species!


Formerly known as Pineapple
This is a really cool species, it forms gemmae in a flowery pattern, never seen pygmies do this before...


I harvested the gemmae and there was about 40 total. I am thinking of trading a few in sets of 10, or more depending on the kind of trade. So maybe 20 total would get traded. I am specifically looking for sphag, but not any sphag. There are a few kinds I want... The "fat" sphag like S. papillosum, cushion sphag (don't have a species name) or any other kind of sphag that looks cool. I have S. rebellum, I have a regular green species and I have a fat version of S. rebellum. Just looking for something different I don't have. I'm open to any other offers though, but I am most interested in sphag.

If you have an offer, PM me. Thanks! :)
These will be sown on Saturday if I don't get any takers, or possibly sooner.
I'll send you a pm, may have something you're interested in.
Bump... Two days until the offer is taken off the table.
OMG darn I am a newbie so do not have any others for trade...
Yo, hand them over punk.
Oh, sphag, I thought you said "swag."
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I can offer Darlingtonia seeds.
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I think it's kinda funny pine said he wants to trade for "tha cush". :jester:
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Thanks for all of the offers so far guys. I'll just clear up that I more than likely won't trade unless I get a good portion of an interesting sphagnum species. Here are pictures of two I am looking for...

Notice this one has tons of small fibers... Regular star moss could easily be mistaken for this...


Notice the fat, smooth fibers of this moss...

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Last chance... They'll be off the table in a matter of minutes.
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I have no sphag, but I do have a few nice dews. Just throwing that out there. Oh and x miranda cuttings are an option also. I won't PM since I have no sphag to offer tho.
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here is the some of that 'cushion' stuff or the closest I could find. not as abundant as I thought.

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Alright guys, I'm going to sow this batch. If anyone wants a full grown plant in a few months, I can do that in exchange for the sphag I'm interested in. Lil already has a couple reserved for around spring (depending on how big they get)...

Thanks for all offers I've received! Sorry that I'm looking for something so specific. :(