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For trade D. indica, S. Scarlet Belle and S. Rubra.

I am interested in non-temperate drosera, mexican ping and lowland nepenthes. regardless if it is on my growlist or not bc a few of them I have are very small.

The scarlette belle is a small division not SG so it will get big fast....next year anyway....needs to go dormant very soon. Same with the Rubra but it is larger division. There are among the last sarracenia I will have available until next year.

D. Indica


S. Rubra


S. Scarlette Belle

I have some pygmy sundews and a small P. gigiantea I could trade for the D. indica.
hmm not really interested in the pygmy's...most regular dews are small enough as it is. pm me and perhaps we can reach an agreement. you wouldn't happen to have any capillaris or long arm capillaris? one of the most basic drosera species I am missing.