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For those used to seeing me hanging around all..hubby's heart gets fixed tomorrow

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An orchid fancier with a CP problem
We'll be leaving about 5:00AM tomorrow morning to be at Johns Hopkins by 6:00AM (eastern time). I won't be on TF all day. Hubby is the first person in the clinical trial for the new laser abulation procedure to try and cure atrial fibrillation. 90 successful procedures had been done during the experimental phase so technically hubby is number 91. But he is the first for the clinical trial. I'll check in sometime later tomorrow night, probably after eight in the evening or so.
Fingers and toes crossed please.
Thanks :-D
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will keep you all in thoughts and prayers
Tell your husband I said good luck! Im sure everything will work out fine.
We will all be thinking of you Chib. I really hope it works out!

Tell your husband I said good luck as well!
Fingers crossed as well! Good luck!
Good luck to mr. chib *crosses fingers & toes*
Good luck!
best of luck, chib! fingers crossed.
Be sure to give him a hug / kiss for good luck before he heads in ...
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he'll be in our prayers dear. good luck..
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Thanks everyone..good wishes sent, will check in tomorrow night
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Best of luck to you and your family
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:-D Sending good thoughts and energy your way and hoping for the best outcome.
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I'm sending some positive energy your way!
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Crossing fingers and toes and nose.
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Wish you and your husband the best! :D
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best wishes
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We are all sending good wishes and prayers your way. Hoping all goes well for your husband now and during the recovery process. Don't forget to take care of yourself as well.
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You both are in my thoughts and prayers Judy,
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Best wishes!