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Flowering Nepenthes. 90% sure it's a male. Looking for seed co-op.

Hello friends,

I have a spiking N. bellii that will be flowering in a few days to a week, maybe two. I'm pretty sure it's a male, though, I'm not positive. I'll be able to post some pics of the buds tomorrow, since my camera battery is apparently dead :blush: Looking around to see if anyone has a female Nep looking to get pregnant, or if anyone has some fresh pollen. 50-50 seed split? Please PM me if you are interested.

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Nothing flowering for me at the moment, but keep trying! There has to be someone interested (one hopes, at least).
Good luck!
I have a Miranda putting up a spike but idk if its male or female yet. If youre interested i'll keep you updated. I know its not the best nepenthes but if all else fails...
N.bellii tends to make nice hybrids. Seems to lend it's small size more than anything else.