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Eygytian walking onions


Hort. School dropout X 2
Does any one have some walking onion bulbs to trade. The website that sells them is asking $7.00 for 10
I will trade a couple of large sars rhizomes. we can talk about what you want if you have the onion bulbs
Please email me at Grannelo@aol.com
Do they work from leaf/stem cutting if so there's one at my campus greenhouses I could get cuttings of.
I have seed of some spanish sweet onions i could spare if you cant find any of the walking
What I know of walking onions is that you can get starts off the little tops they make. That's the "walking" part, because the tops flop over, and start clusters of new plants. ;)
Katie, that's what i am talking about they usually have a slight purple tint to them
mc i don't think that they grow from leaf cuttings
I always wanted to buy some, but never ended up actually DOING it. All I have are yellow bunching onions. Quite like a temperate Pinguicula, they make mini-me's come dormancy.
Katie won't make the BACPS meeting grandson's BD party. I'll keep that afore metioned plant for you until the next meeting
Okey dokey. Make sure to spoil him properly. :D
sure would like to know what an egyptian walking onion is , got any pics , never heard of them ,
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I found some for you and myself. I'm going to get them today. Let me know if you still want/need them!
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Oh you are such a doll. yes i still want them
I'll email you