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Drosera tokaiensis x rotundifolia?


I hate bugs. Carnivorous plants get me.
I purchased a plant labeled as such and was wondering if that's possible. I understand the origins of D. tokaiensis as spatulata x rotundifolia but I also read they are self fertile. Is it possible then to back cross with a rotundifolia? Or was the plant just labeled incorrectly? I seem to forget how different sundews cross with each and such, so forgive me for a rather simple question...genetics was never my strong point.
Fertile D. tokaiensis is a hexaploid (2n=60). It should be possible to hybridize it with the diploid D. rotundifolia (2n=20). This should result in tetraploid D. ×tokaiensis (2n=40) which may or may not be fertile. Double that with Colchine and cross the octoploid (2n=80) with a tetraploid D. spatulata (2n=40) should result again in a hexaploid D. ×tokaiensis!

See this paper by Ivan Snyder to figure out how this works:

Note the biohazards of Colchicine
Wow, thanks NaN that makes more sense!
Sorry for the tardy response, I came across this just today. I made tokaiensis x rotundifolia long ago and gave it away. I’m thinking maybe I’ll make it again, if no one still has it.