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Spatulata or tokaiensis? recovery and re-identification

In another of my posts, Hcarlton commented that what I had been referring to as a spatulata could be a tokaiensis, but that healthy leaves would be needed to confirm this. Well, I can finally say that my plant has some healthy looking leaves!:-D I think this deserves a before vs after comparison of my plant.

taken about a month ago

taken earlier today
This makes me very happy! I know that these types of sundews are very tenacious, but I'm glad that the plant that got me into this hobby has not died under my care.
I am aware that the two are sometimes hard to tell apart, but I would like to correctly ID my plants so I can create a hybrid or two in the future.
It's tokaiensis. The two are really not that difficult to tell apart as most of your spatulata do not have the broad lamina that tokaiensis does (from the rotundifolia ancestor)