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Drosera seedling mystery

I have this seedling which came up this season which does not look like capensisi or binata which have infested other places. Im guessing its either aliceae or capensis x aliceae Do those two hybridise? Other possibilities are stenopetala, intermedia or anglica that some how jumped pots (much less likely)


the seedlings is the size of my fingernail
Thanks in advance
What about D. spatulata or D. tokainsis? This really looks like my D. spatulata 6 month olds. I've also recieved a couple of D. spatulata hitchikers with other plants that I bought.

I have had plenty of "bonus" drosera spontaneously appear in my pots!
plants that I never bought! :D

they come in with the spagnum..
they are native species from wherever the spagnum was harvested.
around here, I think its mostly spagnum from Canada, so the two most likely species are D. rotundifolia and D. intermedia.

did you buy spagnum? (as opposed to peat)
if so, this could also be the case in your case..
that it came in with the spagnum.

My guess would be D. intermedia, mainly because the trap shapes vary from rounded to paddle, on the same plant. Give it more time to distinguish itself.
It is growing on peat, so its not from bought plants. I guess I will have to wait and see more before I can tell. Its about 6 months old.
Thanks for the help.