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Hello everyone, Joe here. This give away is for D. peltata (NZ), D. peltata 'pink flower' (NSW), & D. auriculata seeds. These seeds are a few years old but have been kept cold and should germinate no problem. I also have seeds of the other species listed below, but viability is uncertain. If the winner would also like to give these seeds a shot I can include them with the others! The only qualification for this give away is that you have successfully germinated tuberous sundew seeds in the past. I will randomly pick the winner Sunday evening. Use the usual numbered list system, good luck!

D. whitakeri
D. peltata NSW
D. planchonii
D. neesii
D. bulbosa
D. stricticaulis
D. ramellosa
D. platypoda
D. menziesii
D. machantii
D. stolonifera
Very nice post! It was an informative read for sure. Looks like there isn't much competition for these seeds! ;)
Very nice post! It was an informative read for sure. Looks like there isn't much competition for these seeds! ;)

Thanks, there will be more to come shortly in there. I don't think many people have germinated tuberous Drosera due to the fact that many of them need special treatments such as GA3 and/or smoke treatments. In fact, not many people seem to grow tuberous Drosera at all due to their price, reputation for being difficult and the strict seasonal requirements that most species need. I always keep GA3 on hand, I need to whip up a batch in the next week for some Drosera gigantea and Byblis gigantea seed. I also made a smoking chamber that I use for fire treating certain seeds.
Alright, since it looks like no one else is up for the challenge I am going to end this giveaway now and award you the seeds Cthulhu138! Please PM me with your address!
You're welcome, make sure to post photos of what you get to germinate!
Sure will ! Keep an eye on my Tuberous Drosera thread, updates are about to begin now that many are up for the season.
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Seeds arrived today. Will treat, smoke and sow this weekend. I'll report any and all germination that happens. Thanks !
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Good to hear they got there already! I hope you get some germination!
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As of this week, the D.menziesii and D.auriculata - New Zealand have germinated.
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...........I also just discovered some seedlings on the D.marchantii.