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Drosera orbiculata seed (DonH - $15)

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Tuberous sundew D. orbiculata. Not a very large species but quite dramatic and very hard to find. I started mine from seed years ago and while they flower and make seed they never seem to propagate themselves with extra tubers. This species is also difficult to germinate requiring a hot summer, possibly some smoke water, a year or two or five, and a chant or two to the tuberous Drosera gods.

Fresh seed from earlier this year. One packet of 20 seed available. Shipping will be $2 for a padded envelope. If you are bidding from outside the US please make sure you are able to receive them.

Start the bidding at 1 dolla!

Old photo of a seedling. As they get larger the petioles get longer..

Ohhh I found another photo!
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It's weird. I want it! $5
hmmmm, this is cool! I'll bite :D $10

I live in Canada and never had problem importing seeds.

Thank you very much for the offer.
Payment has been received by the NASC. You are free to ship!
Received the seeds today.
Thanks, Tony!
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Received the seeds today.
Thanks, Tony!

Excellent! Thanks for the notification. With that, this auction thread is closed. Thanks so much to both the donor and the winner for participating this year! :)
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