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For the love of Science!
This trade is for D. intermedia seeds. The plant was sold to me labaled as "Hardy Sundew, Drosera intermedia". I have had it for 18 months. It has flowered profusely in that time, frequently dropping seed in the LFS substrate of the terrarium where it lives, resulting in herds of volunteers. These guys spread like rodents. Or fleas. Fresh seeds mailed across country have germinated well for people in humid terrarium conditions with LFS as a substrate. They are an extremely easy tropical sundew. Pics taken today of parent plant(s):


-2 packets of seeds are available. They are tiny, and hard to count, but guessing 20+ per packet. More will be available in the future, as these plants never seem to stop flowering.

-Let me know what seeds you have available for trade. I am particularly interested in fresh seeds from temperate sundews and pings for my outdoor (zone 5) carnivorous bog, but I will consider any seed offer.

-I will harvest seeds at time of shipping to ensure freshness, and will notify you when they are in the mail.

-I will cover shipping via envelope to the USA only. I will include a SASE for return shipment of seeds traded.

-More of these will become available in the future, as they seem to flower constantly.