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Drosera hamiltonii Esperance, SW Australia - Tacks $25

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Drosera hamiltonii Esperance, SW Australia

This is a fairly easy to grow Drosera that makes a good companion plant for Cephalotus follicularis. It can be a little finicky and produce much dew at times. Most people grow these in shallow pots where they will multiply like crazy from offshoots. However I find that deeper pots (at least six inches) along with cool winter temperatures (40-50°F) may be a factor in flower development. Any typical "Drosera" mix - 50% peat moss 50% sand/perlite/pumice seems to suit them fine. Pure live Sphagnum moss works fine too.

This species gives all indications of being self-incompatible so genetically different plants may be required in order to produce seed. I'm hoping this is a different clone then the ones I have that are labeled simply as "Western Australia".


You are bidding on the largest plant pictured above (~1.25 inches in diameter). This was propagated from root cuttings and depending on the root development you may also get some of the smaller plants pictured. I won't know until I remove the plants from the Sphagnum.

Plant(s) will be shipped bare root. US only via USPS Priority Flat Rate. Shipping can be combined with other winning items. I cannot supply Phytosanitary Certificates. Winner pays shipping ($5.25 USD). Paypal preferred.

Start the bidding at $2.00. If the bids reach $15.00 I'll include a "Western Australia" plant (not pictured).
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Payment for this item has been received by the NASC. You may ship this item when ready!

High bidder: If you haven't already, please contact the donor directly regarding shipping arrangements, including how to pay for any shipping costs if noted in the original post. Please remember to return to this thread to note when the item has been shipped and received so that the thread can be closed appropriately.

Thanks for supporting the NASC this year! :)
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Shipping payment received will get out in today or tomorrow's mail.
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Package in afternoon mail. Tracking # sent to winner.
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Got it today, nice specimens.
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