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Drosera growth node propagation(or basal/not sure of the proper term)

Drosera hibernaculum propagation

I have a larger intermedia and im not sure if it is another plant growing in there or just the mother plant making shoots but the hibernaculum in the middle where the leaves form...there was about 2 or 3 of them on the sides of the plant. The offshoots or whatever were pretty big as well. I really liked the idea of having just 1 singular clean plant so i plucked them off with a pair of tweezers and decided what the hay and put them in a very wet mixture of sphagnum peat and to my surprise not only did they live but they grew new roots after a week and some change.

I had never seen this mentioned before so i decided to get some input. Also I may try plucking a hibernaculum from another intermedia, then growing root as well as see if the original roots I plucked it from will grow a new plant. fun stuff.
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A photograph would help. It could just be the hibernaculum or winter bud. When I grow temperate Drosera from the New Jersey Pine Barrens they form winter buds for me as early as the end of July.

An example of dormant or going dormant Drosera intermedia:

that would be the correct term. thx.
What ever works. Don't be afraid to experiment if you are comfortable with maybe losing the plant.
They seem to be triggered partly by the shorter about of daylight,
as the temps didn't change here, yet some of the plants already put out their winter leaves/hibernaculum.