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I currently have gemmae available for trade from D.omissa "Pink Flower" and D.rosea. I'm looking for gemmae from Pygmy Drosera that I don't currently grow. No hybrids please.

D.omissa "Pink Flower"


Here's my current list of Pygmy Drosera:
x'Lake Badgerup' (patens X occidentalis)
occidentalis - Warriup
palacaea leioblastus
palacaea roseana
palacaea trichocaulis
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I have some pulchella, but they aren't in gemmae production yet. If you'd be interested I can let you know when they start producing gemmae, hopefully you'll still have some of the Roseanna gemmae.
Sounds good, let me know when they're ready. My plants usually produce several rounds of gemmae per season. After November I should have a good supply of several species at any given time until early spring.
Mine are behind the times!
Mine are actually later this year too. All of mine usually have copious amounts of gemmae by now, so far...... just these 2 species.