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Drosera Filliformis seed and D. Capensis plants for trade.

I have several stalks of D. Filiformis seed and Several flowering size D. Capensis plants for trade if anyone is interested.
I'm interested in mostly temperate sundews and sarracenia.
Hello Cor, just wondering if you know what type of filiformis you have and are the cape's "typical"?
Beings we may be neighbors in the same state, I may have a few things that might interest you, but you should know that I am not a big fan of mailing plants.
They are typical Capes. It's Filliformis ssp filliformis I believe.
I should be good on the capes, but definitely interested in filiformis seed...or perhaps we could organize a "leaf trade" next spring. Any sundews I have I am usually in production plantlets via leaf cuttings. I have a few extra babies of D. tokaiensis currently and have quite a few D. capensis 'albino' X D. alice plantlets also. Just throwing that out there.
I am growing a filiformis that was sold as "all - red" or some "red" form. Very pretty plants but don't seem ALL red to me...could be lighting, but they're growing like a weed(should be slowing down soon!).