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Drosera dormancy

I keep several pots of carnivorous plants in the growth chambers at work to trap fungus gnats. They do a decent job of keeping the population in check and reduce the need for pesticides.

Anyways, I checked in on the plants today and saw that the Drosera filiformis had gone dormant. This was a huge surprise because these plants have been under the same temp and day length conditions all year.

It is amazing that they can tell it is fall without any environmental cues! The only thing which could possibly be different is water temp, but it's minor.

I pulled the pots and put them in a fridge so they could have their well-deserved rest.

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If there is any light filtering in from a window in the same room, or possibly even an adjacent room, that may be enough to set them off. On the other hand, if they stay awake long enough eventually they just fall asleep anyway...