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Drosera Adelae leaves tinting red

Below are two photos of my Drosera Adelae. I recently moved most of my collection outdoors since spring is officially here (Southern Louisiana).

Several of the leaves are turning red and producing less dew than usual. We've had a series of severe thunderstorms so this may have something to do with the dew production. Though this is the first time in two years that the leaves turn this red has happened.
Thoughts? Thanks!

This plant has always been one of those up and down growers for me. One day their covered and dew and happy, the next they collapse and die for no apparent reason.
I've come to believe, they just don't like change. The red coloration tells me their happy and getting adequate light. Nothing wrong with a little color.
As for the lack of dew, I'm guessing the outdoor humidity is lower than where you moved them from indoors? May just be a little acclimation stress. If they don't start producing dew in a few days, or show signs of decline.. you may want to move them back to where they were. But I imagine if they aren't declining any further, it'll just be a matter of time before they acclimate and resume dew production.
They look pretty happy IMO. minus the lack of dew..
in my experience, high temps in combination with intense sun, especially in the afternoon is not favorable for this species. adelae, part of the queensland sisters all prefer high humidity along with dappled shady conditions. of these three, adelae is tolerant of the most light but it needs time to adjust to brighter settings, otherwise it reacts in a manner seen here.

here's schizandra (the 3rd of the trio) in natural habitat to give you an idea of what to imitate: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gEbq_cQ1YM
cool video Jon.
And I agree.. Preferable conditions for the 3 sisters are exactly what amp has outlined.
In my experience growing all 3, they don't mind more or less of anything, except warm-hot temps. None of them react well when the temps get over 82-85*F
Thanks for the context with that video, amphirion.
Mass, surprisingly (maybe it's my stubbornness) but I grow all of my CPs either on my north facing balcony or indoors with a few CFL shop lights. The lighting is just indirect bright light (refracting from the lot in front of my balcony?). In any case, all but serious sun-lovers (vfts and sarrecenia, except purpurea) grow well moderately well in this condition.
The humidity in southern LA really only drops below 70% in the winter or during warmer than usual summers, so the humidity actually went up dramatically outdoors vs. indoors with the onset of spring.

Thanks again for your input! I hope it adjusts well.
I actually grow all 3 sisters under bright direct light from 8 T5HO's. They're in sealed containers/tanks, so humidity is always high. But I don't let temps get over 70*F too often via AC use. They seem to grow and multiply rather quickly in these conditions. So I'd say light exposure is the least of their condition worries. Humidity and temps being the most important.
That sounds like a great set up. I started out with two of those buddies and this past year they just took over the pot (in a good way).
Adelae WILL turn red under strong light. Here's some of mine, under a t5 light:

Tommyr: amazing color, well done!