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Darlingtonia seed giveaway

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I was one of the recipients of pebes darlingtonia seed giveaway and he has given me permission to split the seeds and give them away. I have more than any one person could ever need so first two people that want them get them. I want to thank pebes for the seeds and permission to give some away.
I'd love some! Please and thank you!
They're yours, one down one to go. Please pm me your address
I'll take some.
you got 'em. Pm me your address. the offer is closed
lil' hokie- did you want some seeds? i still have a few, PM me your address.
Damn the good offers go fast :D
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Missed it erg. Good luck to those who won though! :awesome:
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I love some seeds..
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deleting previous post wrong thread
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