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D. Capensis flowering question.

Hey guys,
I was wondering if a D. Capensis 'Alba' seed will come true to type from seed? I have a flower stalk thats blooming and have been keeping it so no other sundew in the area is blooming, as to keep the air free of pollen. I was just wondering if that would help make the viable seed stay "pure" you could say. Also I recently lost my D. Capensis' All Red' and would like to know if anybody has a plant or seed of that variety that they could trade out?
Thank You,
Important pretty sure it will produce true seed however i think its possible it could produce a few seeds that may be regular or some other anomaly .but important no expert if your going to trade i have some giant seedlings giant capensis that is i can get seeded to if you would rather start your own.
But im no expert not important .android keeps thinking for me LOL
The registered cultivar name is 'Albino' as Latin or latinized words are not acceptable for cultivar names. They could be confused as species epithets. A registered cultivar name is always denoted by single quotes ('). Only registered cultivar names should be in single quotes.

It breeds true (offspring have white flowers). See the cultivar description for more information:

do you have seeds or seedlings? also what kind of cape are they?
I have giant capensis its truly about 2 1/2 times larger and colored just like a regular capensis
i also have a few seedings started they are tiny though not sure how they would transport in the cold weather but im game if you are i can send a few of those and a couple dozen seeds