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I have packages of 10 or more D. barbigera gemmae available for trade. I also have D. sp South Africa seeds available (50+ seeds per packet).

I'm looking for Sarracenia, Sarracenia seeds, Drosera i don't have ( D. intermedia x capillaris, D. x Nagamoto D beleziana, D x watari, ext), and any Pinguicula i don't have.

What Sarrs would you be interested in?
Virtually any Sarracenia, send me an offer and we can figure something out.
I do have abt 30++Sarracenia purpurea seeds collected a month back.I am interested in the trade.BTW I live in Singapore.why do you live?

What is the best temperature and amout of light they need to grow well.
I'm very interested!!! One species I've been search for.

I have gemmae of D. paleacea ssp. trichocaulis; seeds of S.purpurea Caroline County, VA (Reedy Creek) and flava ornata x 'Starry Night'; and seedlings of S. flava var. ornata, alata, and rosea that I could trade.