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"Cupped Trap" Questions

Plant Planter

The Most Uncreative Name in the History of Ever
My brand new "Cupped Trap" Venus flytrap that I purchased today :boogie: is looking healthy, but, seeing as how I have zero experience taking care of genetic accidents, I have a few questions. (I have so many questions. :p)

1. Obviously, since the traps are mutated, they cannot close all the way. If I wanted to give it nutrition, exactly how should I do it?

2. I have heard that self-pollinating a mutated plant will produce seed that is normal. Is this true?

3. How fast does this plant grow, i.e., about how long does it take for one leaf to develop?

4. Mutated plants can be very different from normal ones. About how large does a single trap grow?

I would greatly appreciate any facts or opinions about the subject of these flytraps! :D
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Just grow as a normal flytrap. If you grow it outside you should be fine
I can't grow it outside yet. It's too cold up here in Ohio.
The traps are fully functional. When grown outdoors mine caught stuff on its own.
It should make seed. The thing is its a mutant, so if you planted those seeds your not going to get cupped trap babies. You need to clone your plant if you want more cupped traps. (I think :) )
Whether or not the babies make mutated leaves is unknown, they may or may not, depending on the specific plant. Cupped trap is a bit more finnicky and slow growing than other cultivars, but it will enjoy the same conditions as other flytraps.
The traps are fully functional.

Really? I figured they weren't and I tripped the biggest trap yesterday. It barely closed. It's opened up again today. I guess I'll find out in a few weeks if it can eat anything.

Cupped trap is a bit more finnicky and slow growing than other cultivars...

I've seen that. It has two developing leaves, both with good color, but they've barely grown since I got it. Maybe it just needs to recover from being pulled out of the nursery and put under a cool yellow bulb in a tray of water for at least 14 hours a day. Quite a long photoperiod to get used to, I know. It should start soaking it up soon.
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