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Come on out guys ! REAL men don't watch sports.


I'll be the first in this thread to admit it. When you all are talking about the QB from '82 that should have won the Superbowl or whatever, I don't have the foggiest idea who you are taliking about. Never have been interested and never will be.

Scotty Chaos brought this up in another introduction thread but I knew there were more of us out there. SOOO Come on and get out of your growroom and stand up. Be proud of who we are !

There are so many other things to do than watch or go to sports. Talk about saving money ! The wife appreciates not becoming a widow and maybe even the extra attention.

Now to dispel any stereotypes that some who shall remain nameless (but a bat biting guy does come to mind) are gonna start heaving this way.

38, married (2X), one nonsportsloving son - 14, owned the fastest production car of the 80's ('87 Buick Grand National of course), I take care of the outside (lawn etc...), she does the inside (laundry, etc...), I like guns, plants, landscaping, fixing things and remodeling. I do help out with housework when needed, just not on a regular basis. Now for one more rumor to dispel, I don't wear an apron while doing the laundry, everybody knows that's for dishes.
Shed thine evil hobby!

I don't see how it's a problem for people to watch sports. :shrug: It's like saying "Well, I don't care about plants, so I think you should stop growing them. They're stupid and my life is quite great without them!"

Or, am I missing the point? :0o:

I guess there are some people who take things too seriously... But I still fail to see the point of this thread. :-\
dont have a problem watching sports.....got a stepdaughter who is big into basketball, volleyball and as soon as she hits high school she will be in tennis......can sit and watch her games just fine and not get bored......watched most of my brother's home football games......but if family aint playing i dont pay much attention to it though i do enjoy the high school games more than any pro ones on TV. i do like to watch a good boxing match or UFC fight.

i couldnt tell yah who plays on what pro team most the time, could care less......but that doesnt mean i wont go over to a friends house to drink a few brews and watch a football game. other than when family is playing i dont care much about sports one way or another and usually wont go out of my way to watch them(short of the occasional UFC match) and would rather watch a movie or something than the average pro or college football, basketball or baseball game
Yeah, I don't watch sports either, don't understand the fascination. But at 32 I also don't have a wife and kids, play with guns or kill small animals either.

We're all just different, and that's OK. :-))
Me watch sports ? Never :D I'd take my laptop and model somethings
Est. this was my (feeble) attempt at some humor.

rattler mt, family is always the exception.

swords, You say colour I say color, it's all good.

jm82792, that's a good idea.
I take care of the outside (lawn etc...) I like .... plants, landscaping, fixing things and remodeling. I do help out with housework when needed, just not on a regular basis.

Some of that sounds good (uh...not the gun part)! lol Ah...but you said 38 and married. Oh well.
Est. this was my (feeble) attempt at some humor.

Yeah, I chuckled at a few parts, but considering that it referenced a post that was serious, I was... confused. lol :D
Now to dispel any stereotypes that some who shall remain nameless (but a bat biting guy does come to mind) are gonna start heaving this way.
I think, but I'm not sure that you're saying that I love sports and I'm going to say how great sports are.

First of all, you're wrong about me. I don't really like sports. It seems it's all about the money now and not about the game. I did watch the superbowl this year, but I don't always. I can't stand to watch baseball or basketball. I despise golf.:censor:It's an evil sport.

The only other sport I do love is Nascar, but the powers that control Nascar make it a little less appealing to me every year.
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If you like to watch sports, that's cool. I won't knock anybody for it unless they go crazy with it like getting angry, violent, rioting, etc. I just don't find enjoyment in watching other people play games. ??? Playing them yourself is one thing, but spectating is different. The players on those teams have nothing to do with you other than they play at a certain geographic location of your liking half the time. They have no loyalty to you, only the millions pouring into their bank accounts every year.
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I can see your point droseraguy. But it is possible to get way to wrapped up into ANYTHING. CP's included. (GASP!!!!!!!) I know, that's blasphemy in some people's books.:-D , but it's true.

There is this guy I work with. He attended half a semester at K-State, flunked out, came home, and has been working at the local plastics factory for the last 15 years. Now, every time he talks about K-State sports, he refers to them as "we". "We didn't do such a good job this weekend." Or, "We have a tough game coming up with Oklahoma this weekend." It absolutely drives me crazy. He didn't graduate from there. He didn't play sports there. But still he refers to K-State sports as "we". That is taking it too far.

I like to watch sports on t.v. Although I am starting to think most professional sports are rigged like WWF and pro-wrestling. lol. On account of the all mighty dollar. But I don't get depressed if the Royals lose. Which is most of the time.

I played sports all through out my childhood. I made a wiffle ball diamond in my backyard, and all my friends and I would get together almost everyday and play in the summer. (go rent "The Sandlot") My dad coached two years of my little league team. Some of my best memories of him are during that time.

My point is, anyone can take any intrest to the extremme. :D
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CP's included. (GASP!!!!!!!)
I think that qualifies as treason....

I used to play sports when I was younger...never was really into watching them, except the 89-95 Rockets/Bulls. Basketball should just quit since it's never gunna be that good again! Man, Hakeem The Dream and Clyde The Glide...those were the days....
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What I don't understand...how can you stay loyal to one team, such as the Red Sox, when the players are always switching around? Seems like the only thing a team keeps over the years is the name.
I really find whatching football, baseball, et altera kinda dull, but hey, whatever makes you happy, I bet some people think carnivorous plants are dull (NO! REALLY?).
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I like watching my duaghter(10) play softball and my son(15) play baseball.He's a freshman in high school and he's the starting pitcher for the varsty team!Two years playing for a travling team,100 + games does wonders for one skill.Pro sports are over rated,watching your own kids play is more rewarding.

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Not a sports fan here either. I've never liked sitting down and watching sports, that goes for TV or in the crowds. In high school I enjoyed field and track, but never cared for the popular team sports. I'm actually quite athletic and very active, run a lot and work out regularly, ski and mountain, hike and backpack all the time. People are shocked when they find out I don't care for or have the foggiest idea about sports. (Disclaimer: I did watch 10 whole minutes of the superbowl this year - but got bored and did something else!). Life's too short to be a spectator.
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Only sport I'm into is wrestling..

I used to wrestle in JR high but got out of it when I moved, its weird here, mostly cause the school is to poor to afford a wrestling room. While the JR high gets every thing, i just couldnt wrestle cause their was no way to get to practices.

But i cant sit and watch sports. Ill play them though
Same thing with Video games, I cant sit and play a game for 2-3 hours, i get bored. Wanna do something REAL.

Get out go hiking, take pictures, explore my yard for ants blah blah
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I would disagree with the original sentiment, but Soccer is a way of life, not a sport. ;)

It's fun watching the world cup and getting riled up. lol
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I would disagree with the original sentiment, but Soccer is a way of life, not a sport.
Natürlich alta!!!!!!!!

I'm so mad we lost...i thought it would be Germany vs. Brasil in the final....
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It takes all kinds and we have them all here. What a great and diverse board. Appologies to Ozzy for poking fun but it's kinda fun to poke at him for some reason. Real men Grow CP's and don't eat quiche ? How 'bout I leave that alone... Thanks for the fun everyone !
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You don't have to apologize to me, I love poking fun. :poke: