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  • One of the districts band pieces is by shostakovich. Did I tell you that? And I'm learning another piano piece... again. This time it's scriabin's 1st prelude in the opus __ 24 preludes. It's in C. Scriabin wrote some great stuff. How's fur elise coming? 32nd notes are great! See if you can figure out what this refers to: CgGgAgBgCgDgEgCBAGFEDGFDCgGgAgBgCgDgEgCBAGFEDGFDEE^EE,EBEE,E
    I agree with you there, the piece sounds waayyyy stronger when the melody is less choppy. Still, Stravinsky wrote it, so he can do what he wants.
    I've gotten addicted to classical music again.
    *listening to firebird* Nice 7/4 melody! I do think it should be more legato though. (around 06:50)
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