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Cephalotus - seedgrown winner adnedarn $35

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Seedgrown Cephalotus from selfed 'Hummer's Giant' seed harvested & planted in the fall of 2008.

I had been giving away or trading seeds from my HG cephs for a few years. At the end of the 2008 giveaway, I had a few seeds leftover (not enough for a packet) and decided to plant them. About half of the seeds germinated. This is one of my remaining plants from those seeds. As most already know, this plant is not a 'Hummer's Giant' since it is genetically different from the parents. Since it has different genetics, it may be in some ways 'better' or 'worse' than the parents or the differences may be too subtle to be noticed - none of us know. That is the beauty of seedgrown plants - each is unique (with the potential to be a surprise). Plants with unique, interesting, different traits come from seed (t/c mutations notwithstanding) - that's how 'Eden Black' came into existence(as well as the original 'Hummer's Giant')....

Different angle:

As can be seen in the pics, this is a healthy plant, sending out several new pitchers. While these seedgrown plants have been somewhat slower growers than cloned plants, the 2 plants I grow in my office terrarium have both put out more new growth this year than any other time. This plant has been growing with highland plants in a basement terrarium - so it is a bit behind the other two. However, the new growth is also very promising.... :-O

Opening bid = $5
Open to bidders in USA only.
I pay shipping
Earlier pics are in my growlist.
Send questions to:
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Payment sent Via paypal to NASC.
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Received Schloaty's notice of payment. Shipped AM of 5.15.10 :-O
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Received the plant in great shape! Thanks kindly Ron!

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