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Cephalotus and Hamiltonii


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This was my first attempt in bringing two plants that naturally grow together in the wild, together in my grow space. I am liking the look and might try a larger setup in the future! I was intrigued with the thought and I obtained the drosera with this type of setup in mind

What do you think?

Good idea ! I'm actually going to be setting up a bigger display using the same plants for our annual NECPS show. I'll also be adding D.patens to the mix which oddly also grows alongside Cephalotus in the wild. My biggest problem so far is finding an appropriate container to do this in which will also be easy to move about.
I like it!
thanks gents.

hopefully it will keep getting more impressive as it continues to grow in. A bigger display will be in the works. if you find a good pot let me know johnny!
Will do. So far, it looks like I'll be going with an undrained pot of at least 12" in diameter and 10" deep. I figure a decent drainage layer in the bottom accompanied by a fill/drain tube will allow good seasonal regulation of water levels allowing the plants to stay moist in summer and saturated during winter. There are also several Utricularia including U.menziesii and U.dichotoma which are native to the same swamps as Cephalotus in the wild. I'd really like to incorporate both of these into the display as well.
i think that's a great idea,and i wish you luck
Looks good - j.

Be good to see the oucome in 6-12 months
thanks everyone. I will try to get a better photo of this setup. my phone camera doesnt capture everything. it is very pleasing to the eyes.

U.menziesii and U.dichotoma would be amazing additions.