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Carnivorous plant longevity

So I've had some of my plants for a few years already and I'm starting to wonder how long various perennial species last, especially some of the fast growers like flytraps and smaller sundews. I've done some searches on the subject but I haven't found any definitive answers. So can anyone here give feedback on how long certain plants live?
Annual plants grow to adulthood in a season, set seed, and die.
Perennials stay alive until you kill them.
It really depends on how you define "stay alive" - a flytrap will continuously produce offshoots that grow into mature, independent plants. If the mother plant dies for whatever reason, the offshoots - technically a copy of the mother plant - would survive, so their lifespan would really depend on how often you remember to water your plants and give them a winter dormancy. . . :poke:
I have some VFT's that have been in my collection almost 20 years..
unfortunately, I never thought to keep track of which individual plants were those first ones from 1994,
they are inter-mixed with the rest of the collection..
but I dont recall an individual VFT ever dying on me (not since I was kid in the 70's anyway! ;)
So yeah..they will keep going and going as long as they are well cared for..

hopefully mines last 20 years also ive had mines for 4 years now and i bought them from 99ç store
A quick answer; anywhere from a few months to over a century. Annual Utricularia and Drosera die after flower. Some colonies of Heliamphora have been estimated to be atleast 100 years old. I can imagine many of the dinner table sized clumps of Sarracenia are half a century old.