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I'm very sorry to notify Bob's many friends and colleagues in the CP community that he passed away a few days ago, after a long illness. He was perhaps best known for discovering S. x 'Adrian Slack', describing S. purpurea ssp. venosa var. burkii f. luteola, breeding S. x 'Scarlet Belle', running World Insectivorous Plants, and creating the Carnivorous Plantation. In all of these endeavors he was aided by his wife and close friends. Even while gravely ill, his enthusiasm for carnivorous plants was undiminished. He remained determined to create new hybrids, build more greenhouses, and improve his extraordinary collection.
I have never met anyone like Bob. He lost 1500 nursery flats of cp's in a flood, and *still* had the largest private collection I am aware of. He loved every carnivorous plant wholeheartedly; he was as eager to propagate D. capillaris as he was to propagate S. x 'Adrian Slack'. His motto was "ATW"--"All the way!" He had grand visions and he worked tirelessly to achieve them. Directly or indirectly, I believe just about everyone in the hobby has a plant that passed through Bob's hands.

p.s Rich Yelland, if you are reading this, please email me at it_290@hotmail.com
Thank you for posting this Mike. I just read the messages on the ICPS listserv with much sadness. Bob Hanrahan is one of the true greats in the Carnivorous Plant community.

My sympathies and condolences to his friends and family.

He will be missed.
I remember Bob well, especially when he was running his mail order nursery, WIP, years ago. He was always a pleasure to deal with. Sad news.

RIP . . .
The biggest private collection is not from jean-jacques Labatt in france?

Anyway, thanks for posting this, and RIP Bob, all the way !!
In my early days growing c.p.s I was welcomed to W.I.P. and allowed to prowl the amazing greenhouses without chaperone. Bob was always willing to answer my questions and encourage me to grow things I thought were over my head - often by giving me free plants. I am very much saddened to hear of his passing but his seems a life very well spent. My sincere condolences to his family and loved ones and my gratitude to Bob.
I wish I knew the guy. He sounds like an amazing person who contributed much to this hobby. I also admire his passion towards everything he grew and propagate. definitely something that I would like to imitate. may he rest in peace.
So sorry to hear of his passing... What a true CP great. It's amazing to think of all that he's given to the CP community. Rest in peace.
I wish I knew the guy...

I can agree. It sounds like he was a great horticulturalist and almost like family to some of us. Hopefully he's happy...wherever he may be.