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best size for shipping?

I'm wanting to do a giveaway in the near future for some extra D. natalensis & P. esseriana (light pink) that I have. Problem is, I'm not sure how large I should let these guys grow before offering them. A couple of the largest D. natalensis are 1/2". Am I correct that it would be best to wait until they have a couple more leaves before shipping these? The P. esseriana are still really tiny, but growing rapidly. The largest plant in the pot (that the leaf pullings are from) is now 3/4", so how big should the tiny guys get before I uproot & ship them? Or is it best with both these to wait until the giveaways are full grown? Thanks in advance for any advice!

I wanted to attach pics, but I don't have permission for that. I checked the FAQ and didn't see anything about a minimum number of posts required. What are the guidelines for being able to send attachments?
Anyone can post photos here. You first have upload your photos to a hosting site such as photobucket or flikr then paste the appropriate link in your post.
Thanks so much! And even though you've already answered my questions I'm going to post the photos anyway. I'll give all of these guys a bit more time to grow.

P. esseriana

D. natalensis
I've shipped some pings including P. esseriana in trades/giveaways that look like they were probably about the size of the ones in your pic. To my knowledge they shipped and transitioned just fine.